Yoga: Thoughts on Philosophy + Intention

Hello and welcome! I am full of gratitude and excitement to finally share my very own website with you.

As a yoga teacher, I am very interested in the exploration of self.  Yoga, at it’s core, is a practice of self- inquiry.  It is an opportunity to tune in and notice the parts of life that bring the most ease to our bodies, minds and souls.  An opportunity to create a perfect, unique prescription for your very own, very unique health and happiness.

The Yogic tradition describes the human experience as having 5 distinct layers.  Traditionally referred to as, koshas, these five layers can be thought of as a map to who you are. I visualize the layers like the Russian Matryoshka nesting dolls, where each one fits within the larger one with one tiny, solid one at the core.

The five koshas, or five layers of our body are: physical, energetic, mental-emotional, wisdom and bliss.  The external layer is the physical body and they nest inward all the way to our core being: B L I S S.

Yes, that’s right: at the very center of each and every one of us is pure bliss. The idea is that when we turn inward and connect to the stillness of the present moment, we can discern through the layers of confusion and distraction to arrive back where we began, at our true center; our bliss body. 

During a 60 or 75 minute yoga class, it can be difficult to fully address all five layers in an effective and digestible way. This space is an opportunity to take our practice off the mat and to dive deeper into the layers of our existence.  Even if the physical practice of yoga is not currently a part of your lifestyle, the philosophical teachings provide a strong foundation for compassionate and loving self-exploration… which is what this site is all about

Self- exploration and true change requires some pretty serious rebellion against perceived limitations:  limitations that existed both in our minds and in the collective mind of society. 

Our thoughts, inform our experience of reality.  The really fascinating part of this is, that most of our thoughts are highly repetitive.  Our mind, and body, will default to a habitual existence if we do not become aware.  Those repetitive thoughts eventually turn into beliefs. In other words, we hear them so frequently that we forget to question them and start to solidify their contents as facts.  

But where do the contents of our thoughts originate? The media we choose to consume, the memories our subconscious attaches to, the people we surround ourselves with and the collective consciousness of our culture, all inform the thoughts that run through our mind.  

Your thoughts play much too an important role in your health and happiness to leave up to the subconscious mind.  When we bring the content and origin of our internal landscapes to the forefront of our focus and observe them without judgement or fear, we create a foundation for sustainable transformation.

Through an eclectic mix of modalities, I will offer ideas, insight and opportunities to transform your inner world from a space of fear and into a space of love.  This space will teach you to live intuitively instead of analytically.  To let the voice to your own inner wisdom always be louder than the ideas and opinions of other people.

Choose love over fear. Trust over doubt.  Over and over again.