my path

My yoga practice has been of deep service to my own healing and evolution. 

When I entered the practice ten years ago, I was completely disembodied and disconnected from my self. 

My sense of worth was derived from how much I weighed and what I looked like. I had zero coping skills to manage and no context to understand the pain and suffering that comes with this life. 

Because of my disillusion with the U.S. healthcare industry, I began working with a Naturopathic Doctor and attending yoga classes to address the pain I had been experiencing for the last decade.

Using a synthesis of Naturopathic medicine, holistic nutrition, meditation, yoga, spiritual exploration and reconnection with nature, I began to shift my experience of self. 

I unlearned the destructive habits and limiting thoughts that I held about myself. I remembered what it was like to trust my intuition. I began to eat intuitively, listening to my body's signals around food choice, amounts of foods and times of eating. I learned how to alternate between restoration and movement in a way that supported whole self. 

Ultimately, I started to listen deeper into my body, rather than the fluctuating messages of my mind. 

My path has by no means been linear. Transforming my thoughts was a slow and challenging process. Letting go of attachment is difficult and confrontational, but also completely possible.

My practices have enabled me to navigate the inevitable fluctuations between pleasure and pain in this life, without attachment and fear. It has been my experience that it in sitting with and befriending our pain that we are able to transcend, release and learn from it.

I have been a Registered Yoga Teacher for the last five years teaching a variety of private and public classes. I also work in a one-on-one capacity as a Integrative Counselor and am currently working towards my Master's in Buddhist Psychotherapy at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.  

Therapeutically, I integrate the wisdom traditions of Buddhism and Yoga into more contemporary counseling practices. I focus on physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual well-being through a thoughtful and focused blend of modalities.

My work is founded on the belief that with guidance, connection and support, everyone has the innate capacity to heal and find a felt sense of well-being and purpose in their life.  

I am here to be of service to you on this path of healing and to guide you back to the teacher within.