my path


Yoga has many definitions and interpretations.  It is practiced across cultures, in different settings and with different intentions. For me, it has primarily been a path of healing.

Through practicing and teaching yoga, I learned to trust my own innate wisdom and intuition.  I chose food that I was aligned with ethically and that made me feel energized.  I learned how to alternate between restoration and exercise in a way that supported my growth.  I started to listen to by body and quiet the voice in my mind.  I learned to trust in change and embrace the inevitable uncertainty of life.

My path has by no means been linear and transforming my thoughts was a slow and challenging process. Letting go of what you’re attached to is difficult and confrontational, but one hundred percent necessary for transformation.

Every time I find myself in a dark or limiting head space, it gets easier and easier to shift out of that negative energy. 

It is in sitting with, and learning into, our pain that we are able to transcend it.

My classes balance physical wellness, mental health, spiritual growth and self-love.

My intention with this online space is provide tools to help you dive deeper into your practice both on and off the mat: to empower you to create your own ideas around health and wellness that respond to your unique needs and desires.

Hope to see you in class sometime, thanks for reading <3