Evie Yoga


Private instruction, small groups & studio classes

Yoga is an inquiry-based practice.  It asks us to turn our attention inward without fear or judgment. Whatever form the practice takes, it is rooted in a sense of curiosity.  By deepening awareness of our thoughts, emotions and body as they are in the present moment, we are able to transcend our habitual existence. 

With breath, mindful movement and mediation, we consciously shine the light of awareness on the places that have grown tense and restrictive.

Our body and mind love patterns, repetitions and habits.  If we are not careful, our existence can be defined by the patterns that are most easy for our body and mind.  By practicing mindfulness in our breathing, thinking and moving patterns, we are able to transform and live in harmony internally and externally. Every breath we let go of what no longer serve us to create space for the things that inspire us.

Private sessions are a wonderful way to begin your journey or to dive even deeper in.  Private sessions are tailored to each student and their current interests & needs.  Additional details and rates can be found here.

For studio classes, my style and intention varies depending on the space, context and time class is offered.  I teach Vinyasa, Gentle, Restorative, Yin and Meditation.  Detailed class descriptions can be found here.

Evie Yoga


Private and group instruction

The mind exists to process, analyze and narrate our sensory experience.  It has a strong preference to exist in the past and the future and a resistance to the present moment.  Because the opportunity to escape the present moment is always available, the commitment to stay present must also always be available as well. 

What would living be life if, instead of following the constant fluctuation of your mind, you remained present in the pure sensation of each moment? Your mind will wander, it will judge, process, project and analyze all day and all night long if you allow it to.  Meditation is about shifting your attention to a space beyond your mind.  When you focus on the slow and rhythmic flow of your breath you find a place that is much more stable than your fluctuating thoughts and emotions. With practice, we become unnatached and separate from the mind.  Through meditation practice, we are able arrive in the present moment.

Evie Yoga


Monthly supported juice cleanse collaboration with Lemon Press

The Mind Body Detox is a holistic juice cleanse that I offer with Rachel Ashfari of Lemon Press.  Wellness runs so much deeper than simply nutrition and exercise.  To fully cleanse and detox, we need to address our mental and emotional health, through examining our thoughts, beliefs, habits and ultimately our relationship to ourselves.    Physically, the juice cleanse gives the digestive system a much needed break so the body can re-route metabolic energy to other areas of our body for detoxification and restoration.  And although you are calorically restricted, on a nutritional level your body will actually be getting MORE phyto-nutrients, antioxidants and living enzymes than if you were eating your standard diet.

The cleanse includes 6 organic, cold pressed juices per day, 1 restorative yoga class with me, a recorded relaxation meditation, and a packet full of information to support you pre, during and post cleanse.

Cleanses are offered seasonally from April- September.

2017 cleanse dates:

April 16th- 21st

June 5th- 9th