Evie Yoga


Private instruction, small groups & studio classes

Yoga is an inquiry-based practice.  It asks us to turn our attention inward without fear or judgment.  By deepening awareness of our thoughts, emotions and body as they are in the present moment, we are able to transcend our habitual existence. 

Our body and mind love patterns, repetitions and habits.  If we are not careful, our existence can be defined by the patterns that are most easy for our body and mind.  By practicing mindfulness in our breathing, thinking and moving patterns, we are able to transform and live in harmony internally and externally.

In studio classes, my style and intention varies depending on the space, context and time class is offered.  I teach Vinyasa, Gentle, Restorative, Yin and Meditation.  Detailed class descriptions can be found here.

Evie Yoga

Private Yoga

Private and group instruction

Private yoga sessions ensure a deep understanding of yogic lineage, philosophy and anatomy.  They are a beautiful way to begin your practice and to learn in a way that is safe, sustainable and highly attuned to your own personal needs and interests.  Private sessions also offer an intimate and personalized setting for small groups or larger celebrations. By booking privately, you are able to practice out of the privacy of your own home or somewhere outdoors, soaking in the natural beauty of this island.

Please email me at for bookings.

Evie Yoga

AHIMSA: A practice in self love

Monthly supported plant-based eating and self care collaboration with Lemon Press

Ahimsa is the Sanskrit word that translates to the "living in the absence of violence."  In collaboration with Lemon Press we have created a week of plant-based eating to amplify a felt sense of compassion towards self and others.   Wellness runs so much deeper than simply nutrition and exercise.  To fully nourish ourselves, we need to address our mental and emotional health and examine thoughts, beliefs, habits and ultimately our entire relationship to self.    Physically, the plant-based food is high in nutrients, anti-inflammatory and alkalizing. The recipes are designed to inspire creativity in the kitchen so that clients can continue to nourish themselves with lots of plants. 


Ahimsa includes 5 days of 3 plant-based meals and 2 snacks, 2 restorative yoga classes and a recorded relaxation meditation, an evening conversation and a packet full of information to support your intellectual understanding. 

Ahimsa is offered on a monthly basis in the high season and you can find all the sign up and payment details here